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Welcome to the World of Lou Lou James

About Us

Introducing The ALTA™

It is not just a learning tower. The trademarked figure is known to become a part of every household today. Creating memories, building bonds, encourage independent learning, and daily discipline order. It is a furniture that grows with your child as early as 18 months up to 6 / 7 years old, lifting them up yet let them lead the way. To be able to participate and join our routined chores in their early stage.

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"He doesn't lean on the table anymore while baking, thanks to the Wooden ALTA Learning Tower."

Little Jonah's Mom, Yumi.

"Skylar's most favorite thing in the world right now. It's a tower, a house, a boat and also a dinner table."

Kimchi Raymond

"She always wanna help me and watch im cooking and whenever I asked to stand up on normal stool she will tell me she's worried she might fall, of course I will hold her with one hand. But now that we have this learning stool she can join me in the kitchen and I'll still have 2 hands to use."

Aivee Philip

"It is very good quality. He love it so much !"

Debbie Goh, Award-winning Actress.

"Yay! No more meltdown because he can't see what we are doing on the counter. He's loving his new learning tower. Well mummy love it too. Lepas ni boleh tolong masak."

Betty Rahmad
Lou Lou James Helps The Children Foundation

Spread Love Like Peanut Butter

It was truly a heartwarming bliss when Lou Lou J. has helped Little Jonah fulfilled his dream, making sure he stands tall and safe on the ALTA 3.0 Lux while baking. From that moment we know, Lou Lou is here for a purpose - to be able to make the children smile. Hence, the dawn of #louloucares "Help The Children Campaign" - with USD1 of every successful order goes to the little ones in need. Let's spread love like peanut butter shall we? 'cus don't you just feel great when there is a generous chunk of it on your toast? :)

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