Father’s Day is the celebration of all Dads in our lives, occurring on every 3rd Sunday of June each year. This year, it falls on the 19th of June! With the kids out of school, Father’s Day can be a whole family event and cheer. So, what can we do on Father’s Day? 

Turns out there is some inspiration to be had in the beloved title Fathers hold.


D – Dads in the spotlight.

Father’s Day offers a chance for kids to spend time with their dads and also an opportunity for dads to share their interests with the kids.

If you have a small little toddler who does not know how to celebrate a Father's Day yet, why not take this Sunday to introduce your child to something you enjoy instead! Do you like cooking? Include your kids in making waffles or sandwiches! Or how about playing a sport? Teach them the basics and have fun together while being active!

Children always find things we do interesting and try to emulate us. With a day of quality time spent together, you can encourage their interests in a topic that can become common ground as they grow.

If you are getting your little one to cook with you, always remember letting them stand on the chair in order to reach your eye level can be worrying. Lou Lou James’ ALTA™ Learning Tower is an undeniably practical piece of kids' furniture that functions as a stepladder, allowing your child to reach the table safely without the worry of falling off. It can also double as a high chair for young toddlers to sit and watch what’s going on under close supervision. 

A – Art as an expression of love.

Family celebrations also give kids the chance to get creative! Let your child explore and have fun while making a unique Father’s Day gift.

This could be a doodle card or even a more creative gift like a recycled toilet roll craft or a photo frame made of cardboard and such. Encouraging creativity while teaching the importance of thoughtfulness in gift-giving, this is an activity that can include the whole family… or be a surprise for Daddies to receive it! 

The chaos of arts and crafts becomes manageable when you set a place for it and, for most, when it is at the table. The ALTA™ Learning Tower proves advantageous here – allowing your child to stand safely at that height without hindering their movement, giving them the freedom they need to express and concentrate while getting creative. 


D – Darling memories with the family.

Needless to say, the most important thing about Father’s Day is to spend time together with each other as a family. Whether your Father’s Day is fast-paced and filled with activities together or a slow day meant to rest and recharge, sharing quality time together allows you to show your love and make moments last. 

How about a Father’s Day meal? Check out some of the Father’s Day Specials at our Kitchen!

Lou Lou James Kitchen dishing it up this Father’s Day with one of our all-time favorite specials: Beef Wellington and Tournedos Rossini alongside their popular Sunday Roast. And with any specials ordered, enjoy a free glass of beer – or wine – totally ON US! 

Located in the pedestrian-friendly, visually-pleasing Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, you can expect a delicious meal in this extremely family-friendly environment. In fact, if you’re curious to see the ALTA™ in action, you could even request to use one of the ALTA™s on-site as a high chair for your child. 


Book a table with us and make memories that last a lifetime!


Last but not least...Happy Father’s Day! :)