Parents Feature Vol. 002

Creative Cinematography | Nadia Musnce // Directed by | Esty James

It was such a lovely afternoon when we traveled to Feela’s humble home in Bangsar. An amazing mommy of two boys and a superwoman juggling between two brands as Norwex Executive Brand Advocate and Thermomix Junior Team Manager. She told us she was nervous and excited, so were we!

Entering her home made us feel comfortable right away. The lightly scented air, bright breezy space, loving family portraits on the shelves, and a cozy kitchen that we are absolutely in love with! Not to mention the almost 3 years old little toddler Daniel was incredibly smart and hospitable, even made us refreshing lemonades! 

1. How do you start your day?

"We normally start our day with prayers. After prayers, I will then go back to sleep with Daniel, and then we wake up, shower, play toys together or read some books."

2. What is the funniest thing you have ever done as a parent?

"Deciding on the names of our kids. My husband and I, we were relying on each other to come up with the names for the longest time. Ended up we went with something really simple, for us and the kids, which is Muhammad Daniel, and our eldest Muhammad Adam," she chuckles.

3. How would you describe your house with kids? And how do you decorate it with your kids in mind?

"We just went with the flow and decided to go with what we think is nice for the house. The only thing particular is we removed the carpet from the living area where the kids play. Adam, my eldest used to have difficulty in breathing and he had to use a chamber. We later found out that the carpet was the culprit which caused the symptoms to occur when he was young. Best to keep it simple and easy to clean!"

4. What product do you like in Lou Lou James? And why?

"Oh we love the ALTA Tower, it's the best! You can see how comfortable Daniel is standing on it. A normal stool does not have all the safety features and Daniel actually fell off from the stool a lot of times. That's when I realized I must get a learning tower. ALTA makes it easier for him to go up and down himself as well. If it was a stool, I have to carry him every time he wants to see me cook."

5. What does your kid like about the ALTA Learning Tower?

"One of the reasons why we got this ALTA Tower is also because he likes to see what I am cooking and what’s inside the Thermomix bowl. Stools are dangerous and it does not have the perfect height for kids to climb up and see what’s inside the bowl. He likes to join along when I cook and he always says “I want to see inside, I want to see inside!" Hence with the ALTA Learning Tower, it is indeed possible for him to satisfy his curiosity while on the other hand, I enjoy seeing his happy reactions towards what we are cooking together too." 

6. How do you know about Lou Lou James products?

"I came to know about Lou Lou James through my Thermomix Branch Manager, also a very popular Influencer - Elleonni, when she was using it with her daughter and posted on her Instagram."

7. What parenting advice would you give to new parents?

"It is important to spend quality time together with your child by bonding and listening to what they are trying to express and tell us everyday." 

8. How would you describe Daniel in 3 words?

"Cheeky, loving and very caring!"



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