EJ Global Labels is a company that houses different lifestyle brands and products under one roof, mainly focusing on modern-contemporary design and luxury quality at an affordable price. Established in 2020, the company debuted Lou Lou James® online. A brand that designs fashionable children furniture with an implementation on early childhood developments. 

Sold over thousand units of its trademarked ALTA Learning Tower upon launching, Lou Lou James® productively strengthens parent-child relationships by providing the most stylish furniture for any home interiors yet giving a practical platform for little children to understand the way of life. Currently expanding nationwide and possibly the global market, EJ Global Labels aims to create high quality and practical children products that is timeless yet sustainable for young families and households. 

In 2022, EJ Global Labels ventured into the Food and Beverage industry with the concept of connecting their signature product ALTA Learning Tower with a physical pop-up kitchen. Led by aspiring Chef Joshua Cristo with his passionate culinary team in creating contemporary Fusion cuisine, Lou Lou James The Kitchen debuted its very first family-friendly restaurant in the heart of Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.


Lou Lou James® is a trademark of EJ Global Labels Company, officially registered  in EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. in 2021. 




Lou Lou James® is the first children furniture brand that focuses on developing parents-child relationship with the intention of encouraging early years children to achieve their milestones by exploring, interacting and learning through play.

Founded by Esther Ng and James Gan (Former World Class Badminton Player) with their two toddlers - Luther and Chase J. as inspirations, Lou Lou James® was sparked to create only the most purposeful furniture and products for little children. With an experience in creative design and interior styling more than a decade, Esther reckons that finding the right children furniture with great functions and design can be quite a challenge. Hence she started sketching out designs one after another, and the ALTA Learning Tower was born. Since then, the ALTA has found its way into the homes of many young parents including famous celebrities and influencers while serving its great purpose. 

Driven by the fantastic feedbacks and motivation of how each child has achieved good developments after using the ALTA, more furniture and collections have then been launched. All products are made after countless hours of brainstorming and study - focused primarily on how one furniture design could help with early childhood development while encouraging parent-child relationship in daily activities at home. 

To top it off, with the physical neighborhood restaurant being opened in the heart of Desa Park City Kuala Lumpur to compliment its brand and core value, families can now enjoy a vast array of delicious comfort food served at Lou Lou James “The Kitchen” while enjoying our home collections and merchandises showcased within. Learn more about Lou Lou James Kitchen


Lou Lou James® furniture collections are all manufactured in Malaysia. Each product is carefully created and technically well-thought by professional production team to ensure sustainability and quality are best delivered. For more information and assistance, please email hello@louloujames.com.


Lou Lou James, ‘Making Moments Magical’.