About Us


EJ Global Labels is a company that houses different lifestyle brands and products under one roof. Mainly focusing on creative branding, exquisite design, luxury quality, and world class customer service as its core. In pandemic 2020, the company debuted Lou Lou James online. A brand that designs modern contemporary home living interiors with a segmentation from children to grown-ups, focusing functionality + practicality at their best interests while keeping the aesthetics an admirable pleasure for all ages.

Sold over a thousand units of its trademarked ALTA Learning Tower within a year, Lou Lou James productively helped struggling new parents by providing the most stylish yet practical platform for little children to understand the way of life. Currently expanding nationwide and possibly South East Asia, Lou Lou James is deemed the “New Concept of Living for Modern Nuclear Families”.  

A nuclear family, elementary family or conjugal family is a family group consisting of a couple and their children. It is in contrast to a single-parent family, the larger extended family, or a family with more than two parents. Wikipedia

The brand is presently managed by Elliot & Co., one of fastest growing PR Agencies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 



Founded under House of EstyJames (the parent conceptualizing branding studio), there is only one fundamental philosophy that persistently lies within - ‘the Art of Storytelling’. Be it an object, specimen, creature or an individual, Lou Lou James strongly believes that every character has a story of its own. Everything that surrounds us was created with its unique origin, shapes, texture and tone.

Along with a design focus on practicality + functionality beyond its elegant aesthetics, the brand is set to create exquisite home living products that defines who we really are in the comfort of our own home. The choice of selection interprets one’s charisma and their taste of living in this rather modern yet challenging era. Seeing beautiful things make people happy, start with making each private living space an eye candy of its own! 

Embracing the freedom to be inspired and to inspire others, each and every piece of home items are carefully moulded by the brand’s very own experienced crafters to bring joy while documenting memories. To discover wild imaginations and the purpose of life, to unfold the tales even if it is the most minimalist kind. ’Cus all of these, make the most joyful moments of our lives.


Lou Lou James, ‘Joy To Your Home!’.