'Double Trouble' 4-in-1 Speed Memory Learning Cards

159.00 MYR

The Mini School™ debuts a collection of ABC flashcards suitable for newborns and toddlers. Cruise through the imaginative world and Deuteranomaly eyes of Lou Lou James' Art & Illustration Director, Brian L, as each of the doubled 26 cards (52pcs) was thoughtfully hand-drawn and illustrated with not just one alphabet and a character, but playfully added along an additional object for creative thinking too! 

Be ready to get excited as The Mini School™ upcoming range of learning reads aim to spark imaginations, creating the most magical story within every child's mind. 


 In the 'Double Trouble' box:

  • Duo sets of premium 4-in-1 Speed Memory Learning Cards that consist of the following:
  • A to Z Phonics & Reading 
  • 12 Solid Colours Recognition 
  • 26 Animal Characters 
  • 26 Objects Feature


How To Play?

  • Pair the cards!
  • Guide your child to recognise and remember the alphabets through colours, objects and pictures.
  • Create stories with our designer's hand-drawn illustrations, stimulates their creativity and link the imaginations together.
  • Start with 3 to 5 alphabets each play and observe how fast the memories stay!