For play and rest in equal measure, a child’s room can be a magical place. Given life through your child’s imagination and aided by what you decorate it with, it is a room that is theirs to enjoy and to grow into as time goes on. Decorating a children’s room, therefore, becomes a meaningful endeavor.

Here are 3 tips to help you get started!



CAMA Bedroom

As a place for your child to play when full of energy and rest when they get tired out, making the room comfortable is a top priority. Soft materials and plenty of room to lay down can help create a soothing, cozy environment in which your child would feel safe sleeping in.
Lou Lou James® 2-in-1 CAMA Bed divan is a great example of a furniture piece that is both playful and comfy with its softly padded headboards, fully upholstered frame, and its timeless curved design. It comes in two sizes – a single or a queen-sized bed divan – and can be paired with a mattress to serve as a sleeping bed.

Add together with it Lou Lou James® Giant Star Pouffe Cushions, JUEGO Multifunctional Play Table and you have the makings of a comfortable resting place, perfect for cuddles and naps!


Curiosity is one of a child’s most endearing traits. It pushes them to explore the world around them and to try new things. In decorating your child’s room, don’t forget to encourage this exploration of independence by giving them the space to climb, move, and explore safely!


™ Learning Tower is Lou Lou James® signature product – a learning tower designed with safety in mind. Sleek and stylish, this piece allows your child to stand at counter height while its stable design leaves little worry of it tipping over. The learning tower is a great tool for children to take part in activities, see things they are curious about, and develop their motor skills as they climb up and down.

With the ALTA™ Learning Tower, you can encourage your child’s independence. For example, you could teach them to wash their hands on their own now that they can reach the sink, instilling within them hygienic habits from a young age.


Lou Lou James
® CAMA Bed also allows your child to move around easily with its short base height, letting your kid climb on, tumble around, and lay in the softly padded divan without fear of getting hurt.



The way you decorate your child’s room can also spark their imagination. Using colourful decorations, fun shapes, and toys, you can capture their attention and give them a sense of delight and wonder, encouraging them to imagine and let their creativity grow.



At a height perfect for your kids, Lou Lou James
® JUEGO Multifunctional Play Table is handcrafted with a thick rim to prevent toys and crayons from falling off, giving your child the space to play and draw to their heart's content. Additionally, make use of the various colours and styles the Giant Star Pouffe CushionsALTA™ Learning Tower, and CAMA Bed offer to bring a burst of brilliance to the room that your child would enjoy!

Check them all and more out here at Lou Lou James®!