Lou Lou James®’ signature product is the ALTA™ learning tower – an elegant learning tower designed for children 18 months old and above to use as a step tower to explore the world at new heights. Receiving consistent 5-star reviews on their website, the ALTA 3.0 Signature is a popular furniture piece that parents adore. But what exactly is it about the ALTA™ learning tower that garners these reviews?


Here are 5 aspects that parents like most about the ALTA™ learning tower!


No doubt the most important characteristic of any learning tower, the ALTA™ learning tower emphasizes on safety with its stable design and back and front railings to support your child as they stand or sit. With a low and wide ground level and sides for your child to hold onto, independent climbing and exploration is made safe. For many parents, this aspect of the ALTA™ learning tower has eliminated the big worry of children standing on stools and chairs unsupervised!



Lou Lou James has given the ALTA™ learning tower a 3-step adjustability, making it possible to adjust the height of the step to meet the height of your child as they grow. This cost-effective feature makes the ALTA™ learning tower a long-lasting investment that you won’t have to worry about your child outgrowing too soon.



The learning tower’s main purpose is to encourage your child to be more independent by giving them the means to interact with the world on another level. A safe way to build up motor skills, the ALTA™ learning tower lets your child climb up and down and explore on their own accord, and makes it possible to involve your child in tasks such as baking and hand-washing.



The ALTA™ learning tower is beautifully designed for form and functionality – and that has not gone unnoticed! Attention to its designing details and beautifully handcrafted to perfection, many parents find it easy to fit the learning tower into any home’s style with the wide variety of stylish finishings Lou Lou James offers.




How the kids find the ALTA™ is a huge factor in the learning tower’s 5-star rating. After all, this learning tower is meant for them! From the reviews, children have found delight in using the ALTA™ both to climb and to take part in cooking activities in the kitchen, thoroughly enjoying the new perspective and activities that the learning tower gives them access to.


Lou Lou James® ALTA™ Learning Tower

The ALTA™ learning tower has been a hit with parents and children alike, earning its title as Lou Lou James®’ signature product. Visit the Lou Lou James® ALTA™ Learning Tower collection to see all the various learning tower styles that Lou Lou James® has to offer.

If you’re curious to see the ALTA™ learning tower at its best, head over to Lou Lou Kitchen at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City which has several ALTA™ learning towers that diners can see and use upon request.