The Editorial Issue 03.21

Baby Chase James Turns ONE !

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet child little Chase James. How time flies when all momma can ever remember was how poppa and I held the teeny-weeny you in our arms on the day you were born. 53 weeks later and here you are, cruising so fast and dancing like a happy chipmunk to Pinkfong's Baby Sharks. Constantly bringing laughter to your elder brother Luther, momma poppa and your grandparents. There is nothing more we could wish for besides the best of health and everlasting happiness for you my baby boy.  Have faith, dream big and reach for the stars. With lots and lots of unconditional love, momma & poppa. x 

Oh dear 2020 - 2021 and the new norm, being a momma to young little humans has been one of the most challenging environment change of all. Adapting to new schedules and virtual schools, who would have thought that the digital future that we might have imagined decades ago is actually happening right now. Face masks when we are out and space suits within a viral vicinity. Could there possibly be some anti-virus futuristic ready-to-wears for all human kinds in no time too? 

So, let's face it! 

Everything changes in the time of Rona. No events, no gatherings, no parties - literally anti-social at its best. Certainly no fancy restaurants or nice venues for kids birthday celebrations to our convenience. 

Ya well, guess we just gotta do it ourselves!


5 Things We Need To Style the Cutest Backdrop at An Absolutely Affordable Costs.

1. A Clean White Corner 

Or any colour of your favourite corner really. We chose white because it is the safest and easiest background colour to style with, just like a photography studio.

2. A Clean White PlayMat

White over white will never go wrong, and certainly will look the best in pictures too after a little bit of exposure twitching during your photo editing. 

3. Props

20pcs helium balloons in 6 assorted matte pastel colours to create that soft whimsical ambience that is suitable for both genders. Additional add-ons will be optional and of your preference. We used 10 units of the Golden Horse Boxes to create more white layering, threw in 2 Giant Wishing Star Pillows, and a huge number '1' gold foil helium balloon. 

Important Note: Lower the balloons as much as possible that matches the height of your baby for the best photo effect. 

4. The Cake

When Chase James is obsessed with Pinkfong dance videos all day err' day, we just had to make a squad cake for his very first birthday. This is probably the most expensive "prop" among all, but the surprised look on your baby's face is just so priceless it was absolutely worth it after all. 

5. Happy Baby

What's a party without a baby? The main star of the day! Our best timing was to do in the afternoon when Chase James just woke up from his afternoon nap and still full from lunch. You do not want a grumpy baby during a "fun" photoshoot slash birthday celebration session. So here's the flow: 1. Surprise the baby  2. Celebrate and Sing  3. Let loose and let them play! 

Photography Tips: Just hold on to your shutter and press it down while following the kids around. Choose your 1,234,567 photos after. At least 5 perfect ones are in there, we promise. 

And we are done! As easy as A B C.

The Galleria

The little snippets of Luther and Chase James. 

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