"My First ABC123" Read & Write Learning Set

339.00 MYR

A fun learning set for new parents and babies thoughtfully curated in the Golden Horse Box along with Lou Lou James original 'Double-Trouble' Speed Memory Cards. 

The LLJ Mini School's collection of ABC flashcards is suitable for newborns and toddlers. Cruise through the imaginative world and Deuteranomaly eyes of Lou Lou James' Art & Illustration Director, Brian L, as each of the doubled 26 cards (52pcs) was thoughtfully hand-drawn and illustrated with not just one alphabet and a character, but playfully added along with an additional object for creative thinking too! 

Be ready to get excited as The LLJ Mini School upcoming range of learning reads and writes aim to spark imaginations, creating the most magical story within every child's mind. 

- 52 pcs Double-Trouble Speed Memory Cards 

- 1 pc 'Learn to Write Alphabets' Wooden Board

- 1 pc 'Learn to Write Numbers' Wooden Board

- 2 units Mini Wooden Tracing Pencil 


Note: Lou Lou James' exclusive gift collections are all packed in the signature 'Golden Horse' box wrapped with its premium trademarked satin ribbon in white. Personalised handwritten gift card available, wishes and greetings can be added under the 'note' section upon checkout.


Safety Disclaimer: Adult supervision is strictly needed at all times while products are being used. Babies and children should never be left alone with any teething or small products unattended. Constant inspections on products are advised. Discard immediately upon any signs of wear and tear.