It was two weeks before Christmas when Racheal and her friend dropped by, a customer who has tried Chef Frediani's array of food and loved it ever since. We have just been given the keys to the restaurant (previously a 'Hong Kong Hot Pot' chain) - gold and red oriental trimmings, neon purple-blue lights, cubicle karaoke rooms etc. one could only imagine. Angie, Lou Lou James' Sales & Operation Director was serving Racheal at that time, "I’m afraid you might need to look for another option. We are absolutely not ready yet and we definitely don't want to ruin your Christmas gathering." "No it's fine, we just want Chef's food", Racheal claimed while browsing around the oriental-themed interior. It was undeniably no where near looking like Christmas or an Italian restaurant at the very least. 

And so, with just merely less than 2 weeks we managed to finalise the whole renovation structure, tear down the cubicles, clean up all dust and debris, move in the last minute customized tables and chairs, did flashing Christmas decorations and crockeries shopping, got the culinary team and front of the house in to start work and preparation. Day and night, without a pause.
We must say, it was indeed a lovely affair, especially on such a magical day. Everyone was overwhelmed with the quick yet cozy setup, children were having fun running around while the adults were absolutely enjoying themselves with the scrumptious menu and drinks. 
Best part? They prebooked Christmas 2022 for a dine-in again, on the spot. 
Lou Lou James, "Making Moments Magical".