It’s the holiday season and Christmas parties are happening left and right. Why not throw a toddler Christmas party for your kids and their friends with food, activities and decorations tailored just for them.



It's the time to let your creativity shine! Deck the halls with Christmas decorations and add cheer to each and every corner of your home!




Go simple, really simple.

Kids can be picky so a fancy feast is really not necessary. Some healthy snacks like cheese & fruit platter will be great for the party! Remember to set all the food on a kid-sized table OR prepare something they can stood on so their little hands can reach the food!  




 Kids this age really just want to play and explore, why not opt for a simple set up with toys that allow them to improvise and partake in at their leisure!



Last but not least, don't forget the PRESENTS!

Get everything you need at LOU LOU JAMES® and throw a memorable party for your little ones this year!