Written by Bryan Koh

Photography Jason Qin

Creative Direction Esty James

When choosing a colour that has the definition of being sexy and smart, there is no other colours that could define the above much better than the colours Black and White. Not to even mention this monochrome duo are eternally timeless and simple they never go out of trend. It looks great on a portrait, canvas prints, art, textiles, home accessories, or a furniture itself - the classic opaque hues do not come descriptive like any other shades. In fact, we deem Black and White mysteriously interpretive if it happens to be your favourite choice. 

Asher Yee shows us that turning seven years old is also the new smart and sexy, and that’s just the start. Sporting a black-coloured tie and white shirt, he modelled Lou Lou James' latest collection, the Black Tie Series, showing us just how smart and sexy he is in his ways. 

Lou Lou James ALTA Learning Tower

When asked to describe Asher, his parents say he has a funky taste for music and breaks out into a dance whenever he hears good tunes. While he does look good in black, Asher's favourite colour is green and explains that "It's a cool colour because we see it all around us!" He also enjoys spicy food and would choose Asian over Western cuisine any time of the day, exclaiming, “Rice over fries.” One thing that has boosted his self-confidence is through learning independent skills. Ashers says with the ALTA Learning Tower, he can reach places and grab things at home without asking his parents for help. At just seven years old, Asher exemplifies what it means to be creative in his ways. 

At school, friends enjoy Asher's company, and he is known to be a class clown himself–always giving a good laugh to his peers. His teachers also highlight how easy-going he is in class. While many of us were left confused and lost during the lockdown in 2020, Asher described his year as fun and enjoyable, mainly because he doesn't need to get up early to go to school. His favourite part about virtual learning is that he doesn't have to wear a uniform–and sometimes has to be reminded to change out of his pyjamas! “I like being comfortable when I am studying,” says Asher–showing just how smart this seven-year-old is. Virtual learning has been implemented ever since the pandemic initiated the lockdown in Malaysia, and families have to adjust their living lifestyle to suit the needs of each individual. It was a big adjustment for children especially as they can't be with their friends and was stuck with adults daily. Asher says he missed his friends during the lockdown period–but was happy to stay home!

When asked his least favourite thing about the pandemic, he answers how uncomfortable it is to wear face masks but also emphasises how important it is for everyone to wear a mask to protect each other. If there was one takeaway from 2020, Asher says everyone needs to properly wash their hands to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. He even showed us his way of washing his hands which includes hand soap and singing the chorus of Believer by Imagine Dragons, "Sing a song that you know the lyrics to while washing your hands, and it'll be squeaky clean!"

Many of us want to be a doctor, lawyer, artist or dancer when we grow up, but Asher said his ambition is to become a superhero. He said he would be able to help his parents lessen their chores and fly by the town to visit his friends easily by becoming a superhero. When asked which superhero he looks up to, he says Green Lantern because, "Number 1, he is green and number 2, he can create toys anytime he wants with his magical ring!" Although he enjoys staying indoors most of the time, Asher finds joy by riding his bicycle and describes it as his favourite pastime. 

Last but not least when we asked Asher what does sexy means to him, he answered confidently, "Being comfortable." The world is going through an odd period, and while many of us are being pushed outside of our comfort zone, it is vital we find ways to keep ourselves grounded, seek the positivity in the little things and most importantly, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Our smart and sexy seven-year-old embodies it with an aura of reassuring solidity, what about you? :)