Fall signifies the end of hot weather as temperatures begin to cool, making it the perfect season for a picnic. Indoors or outdoors, picnics are a novel and fun way for the family to spend time together!

But what to consider?

Hmm...let’s see how many colours autumn can bring.

- RED -
FOR THE APPLES AND THE TREATSRed for the apples and the treats

A picnic isn’t a picnic without snacks! Simple, easy-to-eat treats such as cookies, crackers, and sandwiches are perfect for a picnic where you oftentimes end up using your hands to eat. Juice boxes are your friend – an easy, healthier drink to carry and have in hand. 

With the fall season comes apples. A creative way to make apples enticing is to cut your apple slices into bunny apples: carefully cut underneath the skin before cutting out a triangle away from one end of the slice, and there you have it – cute bunny apple slices that you and your kids would love! 

Want more solid instructions? Check out Namiko Chen’s step-by-step here.


FOR THE RAINY DAYS IN THE STREETSAutumn Blue for the rainy days in the streets

Though the weather is cooling, for Malaysia it also means that monsoon season is approaching, making it likely that any picnicking would need to be done indoors. Even so, it can still be fun! 

A simple change from the table to floor brings a new and interesting twist to the experience and a bonus to indoor picnics? You can make the place as comfortable as you like with pillows and blankets!


FOR THE SUNLIGHT IN THE SKYYellow for the sunlight in the sky

Still set on an outdoor picnic? Keep an eye on the weather and don’t forget sunscreen! Though cloudy and cooling, UV rays are still harsh on the skin, especially for children.


FOR THE LEAVES UNDER YOUR FEETBrown for the leaves under your feet

What makes a picnic fun? 

When outdoors, your kids get the chance to run around and play. Clearing some space lets them do that indoors too but those aren’t the only activities and games you can do on a picnic. Blow bubbles into the air, bring some paint for rock painting, pull out board games – you can even make flower crowns together from fake flowers if real ones aren’t available!


FOR A SEASON WITH THE FAMILYOrange for a season with the family

The main goal of a picnic is to bring the family together and take a few hours of the day to just enjoy each other’s company. Quality time is a way to say ‘I love you’ and can sometimes mean more than the words themselves.

With snacks and games and family – whether indoors or outdoors – make memories that last a lifetime with an autumn picnic that embraces the colours the season brings.

Written by Jamie  I  Photography by EstyJames  I  Creative Direction by Rainz L.