WABI-SABI Large Vase

299.00 MYR

The WABI SABI Home Collection
Treasuring the perfect in all imperfections. A beautiful concept of living made by nature through cycles of life, with Love, for humankind.
Handcrafted natural teak wood by experienced and passionate artisans in Bali Indonesia, this beautiful large vase could definitely be the centre of attention of your home. Place it on a counter top or any corner of the house to bring a warm elegant ambience to the interior. 
All woodenwares in Lou Lou James WABI SABI Collection come with gorgeous grains and natural edges that features the beauty of reclaimed teak through decades of growth, usage and decay - sculpted and hand-polished with a layer of premium food grade beeswax and a distinct trademark carving in all centres of each product.

16 (D) | 30 (H) | 25 (W) cm

Reclaimed Teak

Care Guide | Wash thoroughly with gentle soap after use and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Do not soak in water. Store products in an air-ventilated area. Lightly polish with olive oil or food-grade beeswax as and when needed to avoid fading and cracking.