Kingsman ALTA 3.0 Lux

699.00 MYR
KINGSMAN The Gentlemen's Club ALTA 3.0 Lux series featuring the best grade of rubberwood sourced, carefully hand brushed with a layer of smoked stain to create the most classic luxury wooden brown design. Redeveloped steps insert grooves and carefully handcrafted to prevent wood shrinkage or expansion due to heat and moisture. Lower and wider ground level fixed-step for convenient self-climbing flexibility. Fine cut felts are attached underneath the legs for premium detailing and handling.
Exclusive trademarked logo imprinted on each ALTA to certify the product authenticity designed and made by Lou Lou James.

  • Measurement 85 x 45 x 50cm
  • Weighs approximately 15kg
  • Static weight cap up to 60kg
  • Suitable for 18mo & above
  • 3-steps adjustable
  • Guaranteed daily use
  • Fully assembled
  • Signature hand bars attached
  • 1-year warranty
  • Parents' satisfaction assured
  • Child independency proven


Note | Parental guidance and supervision are strictly needed. Do not leave children unattended on the ALTA. 

Care Guide | Use a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe the surface after use. 

Pre-order | ETA January - February 2022